Biomonitoring California meetings are open to the public and public comment is encouraged. These meetings are webcast when feasible.

Meeting agendas, materials, webcasts and transcripts can be accessed by clicking on the link for the meeting of interest.

When Biomonitoring California meetings are webcast, public comments may be submitted during the meeting via email ( Public comments presented orally, or via email during webcast meetings, are recorded in the transcript of the Scientific Guidance Panel meeting. Public comments submitted electronically (from 2009 forward) can be found on the same webpage as the agenda for the meeting at which they were presented.

The availability of meeting agendas, materials, webcasts and transcripts is announced via the Biomonitoring California Listserv .

Materials and presentations from past meetings can also be found using the Document Archive.

Upcoming Meetings / Reuniónes futuras

Meeting Archive / Reuniónes anteriores