Designated Chemicals

What is a designated chemical?

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Biomonitoring California maintains a list of designated chemicalsDesignated chemicals are the entire pool from which we can select chemicals to biomonitor.

 Designated chemicals include:

 The SGP uses the criteria listed below to evaluate potential designated chemicals (see the SB 1379 legislation for a complete description of the criteria):

  1. Exposure or potential exposure.
  2. Known or suspected health effects.
  3. Need to assess the efficacy of public health actions to reduce exposure to a chemical.
  4. Availability of a biomonitoring analytical method.
  5. Availability of adequate biospecimen samples (for example, blood or urine samples).
  6. Incremental analytical cost to perform the biomonitoring analysis for the chemical.

Based on input from the SGP and the public, Biomonitoring California chooses potential designated chemicals for discussion at SGP meetings.  As part of their deliberations, SGP members consult scientific documents, which summarize information on potential exposure, toxicity, analytical considerations, and public health importance in California for the chemicals being considered; hear staff presentations; and consider public comments.  The SGP can vote to recommend adding chemcials to the designated chemicals list at their public meetings.

 For more information on selected designated chemicals, visit the Chemical Index page.  See the list of chemicals currently biomonitored in California to learn what chemicals are measured.

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