Biomonitoring California Projects

Biomonitoring California conducts biomonitoring projects that test for selected chemicals in people. Some projects examine chemicals in one or two specific groups, such as firefighters, or pregnant women and their newborns.  Other projects are designed to examine chemicals in people living in a specific region. 

Use this link to access specific pages for each of the projects.

Project participants are selected to represent the group or region being studied.  People who are invited to participate are notified, and can choose whether or not they want to be part of the project.

Information from our projects helps us learn more about the chemicals to which people living in California are exposed.  Preliminary results are currently available.  Additional results will be posted as they become available.

Two Types of Projects

On the projects described above, Biomonitoring California collaborates with academic and medical researchers to look at environmental contaminants in California residents.  

The Program has collaborated with partners in two ways: 

In both types of collaborations, the samples are sent to and analyzed by Biomonitoring California laboratories.

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