Communicating Results

Returning Results to Participants

A distinctive feature of Biomonitoring California is the statutory requirement to return biomonitoring results to study participants who request them (Health & Safety Code Section 105443).  The statute directs the Program to return results even if the health implications of these results are scientifically uncertain.

To return results in a meaningful way, the Program provides materials to help participants understand their results. Results return packets include informational fact sheets in English and in Spanish.  These fact sheets list where the biomonitored chemicals may be found (for example in dust, or in a consumer product), possible health concerns, and possible ways to reduce exposure.

Example of results return materials prepared for the Asian/Pacific Islander Community Exposures (ACE) Project - ACE 2

Example of results return materials prepared for the Biomonitoring Exposures Study (BEST) - Expanded:

Examples of results return materials prepared for the Firefighter Occupational Exposures (FOX) Project:

Workshop and Discussion Sessions

Biomonitoring California has held two public events to discuss issues that arise when providing biomonitoring results to participants and the challenges involved in understanding and interpreting individual and group biomonitoring results.  The links below lead to meeting pages for these events, where you can find event transcripts, slide presentations and other information.


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