Other Biomonitoring Programs

Other programs and related websites

National Biomonitoring Program (U.S.)

National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

Biomonitoring Programs in Other U.S. States

Minnesota Biomonitoring Program

Rocky Mountain Biomonitoring Consortium

Washington Environmental Biomonitoring Survey

Biomonitoring Programs in Other Countries

Canadian biomonitoring program

German biomonitoring program

European Union biomonitoring program

Other Biomonitoring-Related Information

Toxic effects of specific chemicals

Information about the toxic effects of specific chemicals is available at the following sites.

Additional information can be found on the following federal government sites:

See also the following international sites:

Other websites with information on biomonitoring and chemical toxicity

The private sector and NGOs also sponsor web sites with information on biomonitoring and chemical toxicity.  Several of these web sites are listed below.

These web sites are provided only as potential additional resources for the public.  Any opinions, statements or conclusions provided at any of these web sites are those of the web sites’ sponsors and are not necessarily those of the Program, CDPH, OEHHA or DTSC.  Listing of these sites does not represent any actual or implied endorsement by the Program, CDPH, OEHHA or DTSC

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