Priority Chemicals

What are priority chemicals?

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Biomonitoring California maintains a list of priority chemicals. Our Scientific Guidance Panel (SGP) recommends chemicals to be added to this list. Priority chemicals are selected from the list of designated chemicals

The SGP uses the criteria listed below to evaluate potential priority chemicals.  See the SB 1379 legislation for a complete description of the criteria:

  1. Degree of potential exposure.
  2. Likelihood of a chemical being a carcinogen or toxicant.
  3. The limits of laboratory detection for the chemical.
  4. Other criteria that the panel may agree to.

One key consideration for the Panel in recommending a priority chemical is its public health importance in California.  This could include for example, whether higher exposures to the chemical might be expected in California compared to the rest of the U.S.

Based on SGP and public input, Biomonitoring California chooses potential priority chemicals to present and discuss at SGP meetings.  As part of their deliberations, Panel members consult summary tables with information on potential exposure and current laboratory capability for the chemicals being considered; hear presentations, and consider public comments.  The SGP votes to recommend chemicals for inclusion on the priority list at their public meetings.

For more information on selected priority chemicals, see the Chemical Index.  See the list of chemicals currently biomonitored in California to learn what chemicals are measured.

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