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Chemical Selection Process

Designated Chemicals

Priority Chemicals

Chemicals Biomonitored in California


A flow chart showing the steps that a chemical goes through to become a designated chemical, a priority chemical, or a chemical biomonitored in California

Chemical Selection Process

Biomonitoring California follows the process shown in the diagram above to choose chemicals to biomonitor.  The process begins by screening chemicals of possible interest for biomonitoring.  For each candidate chemical, information on potential exposure, toxicity, and public health importance in California is discussed with our Scientific Guidance Panel (SGP) and the public at an SGP meeting.  Based on the input received at the meeting and other factors, we choose chemicals to present to the SGP for consideration as potential "designated chemicals."

Designated chemicals are the entire pool from which Biomonitoring California can choose chemicals to measure.  The SGP recommends chemicals to add to the pool of designated chemicals.  Designated chemicals also include all chemicals in the  National Biomonitoring Program. Visit the designated chemicals page for more information. 

From the pool of designated chemicals, the SGP recommends which chemicals we should give priority to for biomonitoring in California.  These are called "priority chemicals."  Visit the priority chemicals page for more information. 

Biomonitoring California chooses chemicals to measure in our projects based on many factors, including recommendations by the SGP, public health importance, laboratory considerations, and available resources.  See the list of chemicals currently biomonitored in California to learn what chemicals are measured. 

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