Markers of Autism Risk in Babies–Learning Early Signs (MARBLES)

Lab Collaboration

Analysis of phthalates in urine samples from pregnant women who have an autistic child

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Markers of Autism Risk in Babies–Learning Early Signs (MARBLES) is a longitudinal study, conducted by researchers at the University of California Davis, of pregnant women who previously had a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  The study is investigating possible biological and environmental exposures during pregnancy and after delivery, as well as other risk factors that may contribute to the development of autism. Biomonitoring California laboratories analyzed phthalates in urine samples from a subset of study participants.


Project Type: 

Laboratory collaboration

Project Status: 



15 Pregnant women who have a biological child with autism spectrum disorder

Sample Collection Date: 

2007 to 2008

Sample Collection Area: 

Northern California

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