Who is carrying out Biomonitoring California?

Biomonitoring California is a collaborative effort of three departments in California State government:

CDPH is the lead department for Biomonitoring California.  CDPH is responsible for study design, questionnaire development and administration, participant recruitment, clinic work, collection and processing of field specimens, chemical analysis, storage of specimens, data management and analysis, and returning results to participants.  CDPH develops laboratory methods and tests for metals and non-persistent organic chemicals, and will communicate test results to participants.  CDPH also provides secure long-term storage of some specimens for future testing.  CDPH is carrying out these duties for the pilot projects already underway and will also lead any future statewide surveys. 

OEHHA staffs and administers the Scientific Guidance Panel and provides scientific analyses to support the selection of chemicals for biomonitoring.  OEHHA also conducts scientific research on the interpretation of biomonitoring results, including what levels of biomonitored chemicals may pose a health concern.  OEHHA shares responsibilities with CDPH for data analysis, questionnaire design efforts, and public outreach.  OEHHA maintains the Biomonitoring California website, listserv, and email address ( biomonitoring@oehha.ca.gov). 

DTSC develops laboratory methods and tests specimens for persistent organic compounds, such as brominated flame retardants, perfluorinated chemicals and other chemicals of emerging concern.  DTSC also analyzes and interprets the data to evaluate the efficacy of its regulatory programs.

CDPH is in the California Health and Human Services Agency, while OEHHA and DTSC are in the California Environmental Protection Agency.  The three departments will collaborate on reporting the Program’s biomonitoring results to the general public.


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