How are chemicals selected for biomonitoring in California?

The first step in selecting chemicals is to identify “designated chemicals” – those chemicals that should be considered for biomonitoring.  Under the enabling legislation, the roughly 300 chemicals currently biomonitored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were identified as the initial set of designated chemicals.  The Scientific Guidance Panel can recommend additional designated chemicals using specific criteria. Visit the Designated Chemicals page to learn more and access the current list of designated chemicals.

The Scientific Guidance Panel makes recommendations regarding which chemicals should be given priority. Visit the Priority Chemicals page to learn more and access the current list of priority chemicals.

The Program determines which chemicals are actually biomonitored, as directed by the enabling legislation. Visit the Chemicals Biomonitored in California page to see which chemicals are measured in Biomonitoring California projects.

Chemical selection is also regularly discussed at Scientific Guidance Panel meetings.  Members of the public have an opportunity at these meetings to comment on which chemicals should be considered.  Visit the Meetings page to find the date and location of upcoming Panel meetings and links to meeting agenda pages.


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