TCE Oakland Parking and Directions

Download File: TCE_Oakland-Parking-Directions.pdf

Putah Creek Directions

Download File: PutahCrk_Directions.pdf

Map of Shuttle Pick-up at El Cerrito Del Norte BART

Download File: Shuttle-stop_map2.pdf

CDPH Richmond Campus - BART Shuttle Schedule

Download File: Shuttle-Schedule-Aug-2017.pdf

Mercury in skin cream - fact sheet Spanish

Download File: Mercury_Skin_Creams_Sp.pdf

Mercury in skin cream - fact sheet English

Download File: Mercury_Skin_Creams_En.pdf

ECL Publications - Updated Nov 2014

Download File: ECL_Publication_List-11-2014.pdf

EHL Publications 2008-2014

Download File: EHL Publications 2008-2014.pdf

CDPH Health Alert on mercury in skin lightening creams

Download File: Alert_Mercury_skin_creams

Abbreviations - Figure 1

Download File: Abbreviations-Figure1.pdf


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