Scientific Guidance Panel (SGP)

Upcoming Website Feature - March 2018

Download File: WebsiteFeature03022018.pdf

Environmental Health Laboratory Update - March 2018

Download File: EHL_Update03022018.pdf

Program Update to the Scientific Guidance Panel - March 2018

Download File: ProgramUpdate03022018.pdf

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - March 2018

Download File: ECL_Update03022018.pdf

Summary of Panel Input and Recommendations - November 2017

Download File: SGPSummary110917.pdf

Transcript of the November 9, 2017 Biomonitoring California Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting

Download File: 110917SGPTranscript.pdf

Biomonitoring Methods for VOCs - SGP Presentation - De Jesus - March 2018

Download File: De_Jesus03022018.pdf

Additional References for Afternoon Session SGP March 2018

Download File: AdditionalReferences_March2018_AfternoonSession.pdf

Urinary Volatile Organic Compound Metabolites: Reference Ranges, Chemical Structures and Parent Compounds

Download File: CDC_VOCMetaboliteTable_July2017.pdf

Background for Discussion of Upcoming Website Feature

Download File: WebsiteFeatureBackground_March2018.pdf


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