Bisphenol F (BPF)

CAS Number: 620-92-8

Bisphenol F (BPF) is used to make hard plastic parts for household appliances, vehicles, and other items. It is also used in protective coatings, like linings in some drink cans and dental sealants. BPF can be formed from a naturally occurring chemical in yellow/white mustard seeds during production of some yellow mustard.

Fact Sheet

BPF is found in:

  • Some protective coatings used inside drink cans; on laminate flooring and concrete; and inside water tanks.
  • Hard plastic parts used in various items, such as household appliances; cars, airplanes, and other vehicles; and medical devices.
  • Some dental sealants.
  • Some yellow mustard.
  • Building materials, like sealants, adhesives, and grout.

Possible health concerns of BPF:

  • BPF may interfere with the body’s natural hormones.

Possible ways to reduce exposure to BPF:

  • Avoid canned drinks.
  • If you eat mustard, choose a variety of types and brands. BPF hasn’t been found in any mustard made from brown or black seeds, and it’s not in all types of yellow mustard. Because it’s formed during production and is not intentionally added, BPF won’t be listed on the ingredient label.
  • Because BPF can come out of products and collect in dust:
    • Wash your and your child’s hands often, especially before preparing or eating food.
    • Clean your floors regularly, using a wet mop or HEPA vacuum if possible, and use a damp cloth to dust.

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