California Environmental Contaminant Biomonitoring Program (CECBP) Second Report to the Legislature

The California Environmental Contaminant Biomonitoring Program (CECBP, or Biomonitoring California) was established in 2006 by Senate Bill (SB) 1379 (Perata and Ortiz, Chapter 599, Statutes of 2006; codified at Health & Safety Code Sections 105440 et seq.).  SB 1379 requires the Program to submit a report to the Legislature every two years.  Follow the links below to download the Second Report to the Legislature, which covers calendar years 2010-2011.

CECBP Second Report to the California Legislature (calendar years 2010-2011)

Individual Appendices from the Second CECBP Report to the California Legislature

  • Appendix A – California Health and Safety Code establishing Biomonitoring California (59 KB)
  • Appendix B – Scientific Guidance Panel Members (305 KB)
  • Appendix C – Summaries of Recommendations Made by Panel Members at Recent Scientific Guidance Panel Meetings (260 KB)
  • Appendix D – Biomonitoring California Designated and Priority Chemical Lists (843 KB)
  • Appendix E – Agenda and Summary of Findings from March 2011 Biomonitoring California Workshop on Understanding and Interpreting Biomonitoring Results (150 KB)
  • Appendix F – Biomonitoring California Brochure (English and Spanish Versions) (892 KB)
  • Appendix G – Letter from the Chair of the Scientific Guidance Panel Supporting Biomonitoring California Priorities (411 KB)
  • Appendix H – Acronyms Used in this Report (50 KB)

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