Biomonitoring California Awarded $5M from Centers for Disease Control

Awarded for 2014-2019 (Grant Number U88EH001148)

Biomonitoring California has been awarded a new five year federal grant to support and expand its biomonitoring capacity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) awarded Biomonitoring California $1 million per year for five years, from September 2014 through August 2019.  Biomonitoring California will use the funding during the first year to establish statewide surveillance for environmental contaminants in maternal serum samples.  In subsequent years, the Program will add targeted investigations of chemicals of interest to California.

The Program will use the following strategies to support biomonitoring capacity in California:  

  1. Conduct statewide biomonitoring surveillance;
  2. Target populations with state-specific or unique exposures;
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in high-quality biomonitoring;
  4. Engage participants, the public, and policymakers.

The purpose of these CDC awards is to increase the capability and capacity of state public health laboratories to conduct high-quality biomonitoring science and assess exposures of concern in their communities. These awards are part of ongoing efforts to establish and expand biomonitoring capacity in state public health laboratories.  More information on CDC support for state biomonitoring programs can be found at: .

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