Laboratory Pilot Study

Analysis of selected chemicals in samples from volunteers, to help the labs refine their procedures

Gloved hands in a laboratory, holding a test tube

The Laboratory Pilot Study[1]is an ongoing study that recruits volunteers in order to help refine procedures used by Biomonitoring California laboratories (sample collection, shipping, and laboratory analyses).  The Program collects and analyzes all samples for this pilot study.  Some of these data have been included in a publication tracing levels of perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in California women over the last 50 years.[2]

[1] There are no external project collaborators on this study.  The entire study is being conducted by Biomonitoring California staff. 

[2] Wang M, Park J-S, Petreas M. Temporal changes in the levels of perfluorinated compounds in California women’s serum over the past 50 Years.  Environ Sci Technol 2011;45: 7510-7516.


Tipo de proyecto: 

Laboratory collaboration

Estado del proyecto: 



50 Adults

Fecha de la toma de la muestra: 

2008 - ongoing

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