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Biomonitoring Literacy in the MIEEP/Chemicals in Our Bodies Project: Developing Report-back Materials with Input from Study Participants Presentation 031611SGP_BiomonLiteracy.pdf 03/13/2011
Cyclosiloxanes Presentation 120408cyclosiloxanesdoc.pdf 12/11/2008
Chemical Selection Planning March 2012 Presentation 031612SGPChemSelPlan.pdf 03/15/2012
Eunha Hoh - Presentation to March 2019 SGP meeting Presentation Hoh03062019.pdf 03/05/2019
Kaiser Permanente Research Program on Genes, Environment and Health Presentation 100609kaiser.pdf 10/18/2009
Preliminary Screening Information on Possible Classes of Chemicals Used in UV Applications for Future Consideration Presentation PreliminaryScreen110316.pdf 11/01/2016
Next Steps for Chemical Selection Presentation 0709NextStepsSH.pdf 08/03/2009
The California Teachers Study: Persistent Organic Pollutants and Breast Cancer Study Background and Preliminary Results Presentation 11082012SGPECL.pdf 11/06/2012
Overview of Perfluorochemical (PFC) Results in Biomonitoring CA Studies Presentation EHIB_031315.pdf 03/11/2015
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - Nov. 2010 Presentation SGP2010EHLB.pdf 11/01/2010
Presentation by Dr. Heather Stapleton - April 2013 Presentation 04112013SGPStapleton.pdf 04/20/2013
Biomonitoring for Exposure Assessment: Challenges and Future Directions Presentation CalafatSGPNov2011.pdf 11/08/2011
Deanna Rossi - SGP Presentation - November 9, 2017 Presentation Rossi11092017.pdf 11/08/2017
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - May 2010 Presentation 052410EHLupdateCDPH.pdf 05/28/2010
Selecting Chemicals for the California Biomonitoring Program Presentation selchems040308.pdf 04/15/2008
Overview of Updated Designated & Priority Chemical Lists Presentation 020910Overviewlists.pdf 02/08/2010
Chemical Exposures from Cosmetics: A Case Study of Nail Care Products_Quach2014 Presentation Quach071014.pdf 07/10/2014
DTSC Laboratory Update Presentation 07262012SGPJul2012ECL.pdf 07/26/2012
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - November 2014 Presentation ECL_Update110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - July 2009 Presentation 0709EHLUpdate.pdf 08/03/2009
Thomas Webster - SGP Presentation - March 2017 Presentation Webster03082017.pdf 03/07/2017
Results Communication Activities Presentation 0709EnviroTrack_LCopan.pdf 08/03/2009
Chemical Selection Planning Presentation ChemSelectionPlanning110110.pdf 11/01/2010
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - July 2011 Presentation 0714EHL_CDPH.pdf 07/13/2011
Screening for Candidate Pesticides Presentation ScreeningForCandidatePesticides.pdf 03/18/2009