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Brominated and Chlorinated Organic Chemical Compounds Used As Flame Retardants - Additional Information on Four Flame Retardants Scientific document PDF icon FlameRetardants_FourMore.pdf 02/22/2009
Cadmium Fact Sheet Fact sheet PDF icon CadmiumFactSheet.pdf 09/21/2016
Cadmium Fact Sheet - Spanish Fact sheet PDF icon Cadmium fact sheet in Spanish 08/13/2013
Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Strategic Vision Plan 2004 Document PDF icon Final.pdf 08/27/2004
CalEnviroScreen: A New Tool for Evaluating Communities in California Presentation PDF icon FaustCalEnviroScreen081413.pdf 08/14/2013
California Teachers Study (CTS) Results - Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) Report PDF icon California_Teachers_Study_PFCs_07112013.pdf 07/16/2013
California Teachers Study (CTS) Results: Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) Report PDF icon California_Teachers_Study_PBDEs_10012013.pdf 10/01/2013
CDC Laboratory Support for the California Environmental Contaminant Biomonitoring Program (CECBP) Document PDF icon CDCMou101408.pdf 10/13/2008
CDC Overview of State Biomonitoring Programs Presentation PDF icon CDC_Overview111815.pdf 11/20/2015
CDC's National Biomonitoring Program and NHANES update 2015 Presentation PDF icon NHANES_NBP_Update031315.pdf 03/10/2015
CDPH Health Alert on mercury in skin lightening creams Other PDF icon CDPH Health Alert on mercury poisonings due to skin cream from Mexico 05/09/2014
CDPH Richmond Campus - BART Shuttle Schedule Other PDF icon Shuttle-Schedule-Aug-2017.pdf 08/10/2017
CECBP Future Directions Presentation PDF icon 100609CECBPfuture.pdf 10/18/2009
CECBP Program Overview Presentation PDF icon CECBPProgram121707.pdf 12/17/2007
CECBP Program Overview: Laboratories Presentation PDF icon LaboratoryProgram121707.pdf 12/17/2007
CECBP Program Overview: OEHHA Support Presentation PDF icon OEHHAsSupportCECBP121707.pdf 12/17/2007
CECBP Staff List Document PDF icon CECBPstafJune_08.pdf 06/06/2008
Challenges in biomonitoring exposure to diesel exhaust Presentation PDF icon Marty110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Chemical Exposures from Cosmetics: A Case Study of Nail Care Products_Quach2014 Presentation PDF icon Quach071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Chemical Selection Overview Presentation PDF icon 120408overview.pdf 12/14/2008
Chemical Selection Planning : Screening of four pesticides for possible future biomonitoring Presentation PDF icon PesticideScreen081413.pdf 08/14/2013
Chemical Selection Planning Presentation PDF icon 031611SGPChemSelect.pdf 03/14/2011
Chemical Selection Planning Presentation PDF icon ChemSelectionPlanning110110.pdf 11/01/2010
Chemical Selection Planning - Synthetic Musks Presentation PDF icon Chemical Selection Planning - Synthetic Musks 11/07/2012
Chemical Selection Planning March 2012 Presentation PDF icon 031612SGPChemSelPlan.pdf 03/15/2012