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Tungsten fact sheet Fact sheet PDF icon TungstenFactSheet.pdf 12/29/2015
Thallium fact sheet Fact sheet PDF icon ThalliumFactSheet.pdf 12/29/2015
Biomonitoring California Priority Chemicals List December 2015 Chemical list PDF icon PriorityChemicalsList_December2015.pdf 12/18/2015
Cobalt Fact Sheet Fact sheet PDF icon CobaltFactSheet.pdf 12/10/2015
Molybdenum fact sheet Fact sheet PDF icon MolybdenumFactSheet.pdf 12/10/2015
Cobalt Fact Sheet Fact sheet PDF icon CobaltFactSheet.pdf 12/10/2015
State Biomonitoring Program Profiles Meeting document PDF icon StateProgramProfiles_Nov2015.pdf 11/30/2015
Educating Biomonitoring Participants About their Exposure to Environmental Chemicals: What Does the Science Say? Presentation PDF icon MorelloFrosch111815.pdf 11/24/2015
Evaluation of Results Return Materials for Biomonitoring Exposures Study (BEST) Presentation PDF icon EvalBESTResultsReturnMaterials111815.pdf 11/24/2015
The New Hampshire Expanded Biomonitoring Program Presentation PDF icon NewHampshireHighlights111815.pdf 11/23/2015
Virginia Biomonitoring Program Highlights Presentation PDF icon VirginiaHighlights111815.pdf 11/23/2015
Four Corners States Biomonitoring Consortium Highlights Presentation PDF icon FourCornersStatesHighlights111815.pdf 11/23/2015
New Jersey Biomonitoring Grant Program Overview and Update Presentation PDF icon NewJerseyHighlights111815.pdf 11/23/2015
Massachusetts Highlights Presentation PDF icon MassachusettsHighlights111815.pdf 11/20/2015
Biomonitoring California Highlights Presentation PDF icon CaliforniaHighlights111815.pdf 11/20/2015
CDC Overview of State Biomonitoring Programs Presentation PDF icon CDC_Overview111815.pdf 11/20/2015
Presentation: Potential Priority Chemicals: ortho-Phthalates and PFASs Presentation PDF icon PotentialPriorityChems111815.pdf 11/18/2015
Possible SGP Topics - 2016 Presentation PDF icon Possible2016SGPTopics111815.pdf 11/13/2015
Summary of Panel Input and Recommendations - July 2015 Meeting summary PDF icon SGPMeetingSummaryJuly2015.pdf 11/13/2015
Potential Priority Chemicals: ortho-Phthalates Scientific document PDF icon PotentialPriority_orthoPhthalates_111815.pdf 11/04/2015
Potential Priority Chemicals: Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) Scientific document PDF icon PotentialPriority_PFASs_111815.pdf 11/04/2015
Designated Chemicals List October 2015 Chemical list PDF icon DesignatedChemicalsList_October2015.pdf 10/20/2015
Agenda for Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting November 18, 2015 Agenda PDF icon SGPAgenda111815.pdf 09/28/2015
Transcript of the July 16, 2015 Biomonitoring California Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting Transcript PDF icon Transcript of the July 16, 2015 Biomonitoring California Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting 09/14/2015
Sample Expanded BEST Results Return Materials Document PDF icon Cover letter and Mock EBEST packet.pdf 08/25/2015