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Engine Manufacturers Association Comments and Presentation Public comment PDF icon EMApubliccomments03_09.pdf 03/20/2009
Transcript of Scientific Guidance Panel meeting - March 3, 2009 Transcript PDF icon SGPTranscript3-3-09.pdf 03/25/2009
Transcript of Scientific Guidance Panel meeting - March 2 2009 Transcript PDF icon SGPTranscript3-2-09.pdf 03/25/2009
Panel Recommendations and Meeting Summary - March 2009 Meeting summary PDF icon March2009SGPActionItems.pdf 04/28/2009
Publication - Environmental and Biological Assessment of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure Among Casino Dealers Other PDF icon 2005-0201-3080.pdf 05/12/2009
Designated Chemicals list - March 2009 Chemical list PDF icon CECBPDesignatedChemicals.pdf 06/22/2009
Say What? Understanding Health Information Document PDF icon Health Research for Action Perspectives - August 2007 07/10/2009
Agenda for Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting, July 28-29, 2009 Agenda PDF icon July09_SGPAgenda.pdf 07/16/2009
Octhilinone Scientific document PDF icon 0709Octhilinone.pdf 07/20/2009
Fipronil Scientific document PDF icon 0709Fipronil.pdf 07/20/2009
Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids Scientific document PDF icon 0709PyrethrinsPyrethroids.pdf 07/20/2009
Potential Priority Pesticides Table Meeting document PDF icon 0709PotentialPriorPesticides.pdf 07/20/2009
Potential Priority Chemical Table Meeting document PDF icon 0709PotentialPriorChemicals.pdf 07/20/2009
Iprodione Scientific document PDF icon 0709Iprodione.pdf 07/20/2009
Publication - Toxic ignorance and right-to-know in biomonitoring results communication Other PDF icon 0709Morello_Frosh2009.pdf 07/26/2009
Background and Framing of Results Communication and Report-back Issues Presentation PDF icon 0709Morello_Frosch.pdf 07/26/2009
Program Update to the Scientific Guidance Panel - July 2009 Presentation PDF icon 0709ProgramUpdate.pdf 07/26/2009
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - July 2009 Presentation PDF icon 0709EChemLabUpdate.pdf 07/26/2009
Potential Designated Chemicals: Pesticides Presentation PDF icon 0709PestOverview.pdf 07/26/2009
Potential Designated Chemicals: Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids Presentation PDF icon 0709Pyrethrins_PyrethroidsOEHHA.pdf 07/26/2009
Potential Designated Pesticides: Iprodione, Octhilinone, Fipronil Presentation PDF icon 0709IprodioneOcthilinoneFipronil.pdf 07/26/2009
Working Discussion of Results Communication Presentation PDF icon 0709ResultsOverview_DLee.pdf 07/26/2009
Chemical Selection Update Presentation PDF icon 0709ChemSelectionUpdate.pdf 07/26/2009
Example letters conveying results to study participants from Hines et al. 2009 study Meeting document PDF icon 0709HinesResultCom.pdf 07/26/2009
Returning Results to participants in the CHAMACOS Birth Cohort Study Presentation PDF icon 0709Bradman.pdf 07/27/2009