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List of References_Sobus Presentation_March 2014 Meeting document ListofReferences_Sobus032714.pdf 03/24/2014
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - March 2014 Presentation ECL_Update032714.pdf 03/24/2014
Best practices for biomarker collection, analysis, and interpretation: Perspectives from EPA’s Chemical Safety for Sustainability (CSS) research program Presentation Sobus_EPA_NERL_032714.pdf 03/24/2014
Potential Priority Chemicals: Metals table Scientific document PotenPriority-MetalsTable032714_2.pdf 03/13/2014
USGS (2014) Mineral Commodities Summary Meeting document USGS 2014.pdf 03/13/2014
Overview of metals - Biomonitoring California Scientific document OverviewMetals-Biomonitoring California.pdf 03/13/2014
Summit Toxicology 2014: Letter from Sean M. Hays and Lesa L. Aylward Public comment SummitLetter031314.pdf 03/13/2014
Periodic table (Helmenstine 2012) Meeting document PeriodicTable.pdf 03/13/2014
Potential Designated Chemical: Chromium Scientific document PotenDesigChromium032714.pdf 03/13/2014
Agenda for Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting March 27, 2014 Agenda SGPAgenda032714.pdf 02/27/2014
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - November 2013 Presentation ECL_Update111413.pdf 11/14/2013
Agenda for Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting November 14, 2013 Agenda SGPAgenda111413_update.pdf 11/14/2013
Transcript of the November 14, 2013 Biomonitoring California Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting Transcript 11142013SGPTranscript_Final.pdf 11/14/2013
Potential Designated Chemicals: Selected Aroma Chemicals Presentation PotenDesigAromaChemicals111413.pdf 11/13/2013
Summary of Panel Recommendations - August 2013 meeting Meeting summary MeetingSummaryAugust2013.pdf 11/13/2013
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - November 2013 Presentation EHLB_Update111413_v2.pdf 11/13/2013
Identifying Novel Compounds in Untargeted Metabolomic Screens Presentation Fiehn_ScreeningforUnknowns111413.pdf 11/13/2013
IFRA-NA 2013: Submission of documents on musks Public comment 060313IFRANAMusks.pdf 11/13/2013
Program Update to the Scientific Guidance Panel - November 2013 Presentation ProgramUpdate111413.pdf 11/11/2013
Potential Designated Chemicals: Synthetic Polycyclic Musks Scientific document 110813PolycyclicMusksDesig3.pdf 11/08/2013
Potential Designated Chemicals: Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthalenes Scientific document 110113TetramethylAcetyloctahydronaphthalenesDesig.pdf 11/01/2013
2013 EHL Publication List - updated Document 2013_EHL Publications List_updated.pdf 10/21/2013
California Teachers Study (CTS) Results: Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) Report California_Teachers_Study_PBDEs_10012013.pdf 10/01/2013
Firefighter Occupational Exposures (FOX) Project Results: 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T Report FOX_24D_245T_10012013.pdf 10/01/2013
Firefighter Occupational Exposures (FOX) Project Results: Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) Report FOX_PBDEs_10012013.pdf 10/01/2013