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Potential Designated Chemicals: ortho-Phthalates Presentation orthoPhthalates071516.pdf 07/15/2015
EHLB-April2013-FOX_results Presentation SGP2013-April EHLB_FOX results.pdf 04/11/2013
Virginia Biomonitoring Program Highlights Presentation VirginiaHighlights111815.pdf 11/23/2015
Chemical Selection Update Presentation 052410chemupdate.pdf 05/19/2010
Erika Houtz - Presentation to August 2018 SGP meeting Presentation Houtz08222018.pdf 08/20/2018
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - March 2016 Presentation EHL_Update030316.pdf 02/29/2016
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - July 2014 Presentation EHLB_Update071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Potential Designated Chemicals: Pesticides Presentation 0709PestOverview.pdf 07/26/2009
Antimicrobials and Synthetic Hormones Used in Animal Husbandry Presentation 120408antimicrobialshormones.pdf 12/14/2008
Presentation: Importance of biomonitoring in addressing national, regional and community chemical exposures Presentation Breysse03082017.pdf 03/03/2017
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - March 2015 Presentation ECL_Update031315.pdf 03/09/2015
Update on Pesticides, Plasticizers, Other Flame Retardants, and Track II Compounds Presentation 120408track2.pdf 12/12/2008
Glyphosate Biomonitoring: Challenges and Opportunities Presentation GeronaAdams07202017.pdf 07/19/2017
Biomonitoring in Occupational Settings Presentation 0709BiomonOccSettings_JQuint.pdf 08/03/2009
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - November 2013 Presentation EHLB_Update111413_v2.pdf 11/13/2013
Potential Priority Chemicals: Non-Halogenated Aromatic Phosphates and Other Bisphenols Presentation 04112013SGPPotentialPriorityChems.pdf 04/11/2013
Input on Selecting Chemicals to Biomonitor - June 2008 Presentation dunn061008.pdf 06/08/2008
CDC Overview of State Biomonitoring Programs Presentation CDC_Overview111815.pdf 11/20/2015
Cyclosiloxanes Presentation Cyclosiloxanesoehha.pdf 03/14/2009
Potential Designated Chemical Triclocarban Presentation 052410PotDesChem_Triclocarban.pdf 05/20/2010
Program Update - March 2014 Presentation ProgramUpdate032714.pdf 03/27/2014
CECBP Program Overview Presentation CECBPProgram121707.pdf 12/17/2007
Maternal and Infant Environmental Exposure Project, Chemicals in Our Bodies Project Presentation mieep020910.pdf 02/10/2010
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - August 2013 Presentation ECLUpdate081413.pdf 08/14/2013
Update on Maternal and Infant Environmental Exposure Project (MIEEP or Chemicals in Our Bodies Project) Presentation WoodruffSGPNov2011.pdf 11/07/2011