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Glyphosate Biomonitoring: Challenges and Opportunities Presentation GeronaAdams07202017.pdf 07/19/2017
Program Update to the Scientific Guidance Panel - November 2013 Presentation ProgramUpdate111413.pdf 11/11/2013
Environmental Chemistry Lab Update - April 2013 Presentation 04112013SGPECL.pdf 04/11/2013
Integrating Health Literacy Best Practices in Biomonitoring Results Communication Presentation 0709Brown_Williams.pdf 07/27/2009
Potential Designated Chemical - Manganese Presentation Manganese111110.pdf 11/10/2010
CDC Overview of State Biomonitoring Programs Presentation CDC_Overview111815.pdf 11/20/2015
Role of Panel; Public Participation and Environmental Justice Elements at Panel Meetings Presentation Role of the Panel and PublicParticipationLZ121707.pdf 12/17/2007
Potential Designated Chemicals: p,p'-bisphenols and diglycidyl ethers of p,p'-bisphenols Presentation 11082012SGPPotenDesig.pdf 11/06/2012
Biomonitoring for Exposure Assessment: Challenges and Future Directions Presentation CalafatSGPNov2011.pdf 11/08/2011
Agricultural pesticide use mapping and proximity to public schools Presentation English072816.pdf 07/26/2016
Biological Monitoring of Human Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Presentation Simpson110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Selecting Chemicals for the California Biomonitoring Program Presentation selchems040308.pdf 04/15/2008
Program Update to the Scientific Guidance Panel - July 2009 Presentation 0709ProgramUpdate.pdf 07/26/2009
Biomonitoring Literacy in the MIEEP/Chemicals in Our Bodies Project: Developing Report-back Materials with Input from Study Participants Presentation 031611SGP_BiomonLiteracy.pdf 03/13/2011
Cyclosiloxanes Presentation 120408cyclosiloxanesdoc.pdf 12/11/2008
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - July 2011 Presentation 0714EHL_CDPH.pdf 07/13/2011
Potential Designated Chemicals: Non-Halogenated Aromatic Phosphates Presentation 031612SGPNhArPhosPresentation.pdf 03/12/2012
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update Presentation 111011DTSCPetreas.pdf 11/08/2011
Why Chemical Selection is Important for the Lab Presentation CBPlabs040308.pdf 04/15/2008
Update on the California Teachers Study - November 2016 Presentation Reynolds110316.pdf 11/01/2016
Potential Role for Biomonitoring in Assessing Pollutant Burden in Communities Presentation Solomon_BiomonitoringandCalEnviroScreen081413.pdf 08/14/2013
Biomonitoring California: Looking Forward Presentation 031611SGPLookingForward.pdf 03/14/2011
Firefighter Occupational Exposures Project Presentation FOX102810.pdf 11/03/2010
Update on MAMAS and other Projects Presentation UpdateMAMAS_SGP071615.pdf 07/15/2015
Potential Designated Chemicals: Selected Aroma Chemicals Presentation PotenDesigAromaChemicals111413.pdf 11/13/2013