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Public Comment from Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center - November 6, 2014 SGP Meeting Public comment Commonweal_comment.pdf 11/06/2014
Public Comment from Global Community Monitor - November 6, 2014 SGP Meeting Public comment GlobalCommunityMonitor_comment.pdf 11/06/2014
Public Comment from the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association Public comment TruckEngineManufacturersAssociation_comment.pdf 11/06/2014
Biological Monitoring of Human Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Presentation Simpson110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - November 2014 Presentation ECL_Update110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Agenda Planning for 2015 Scientific Guidance Panel Meetings Presentation SGP_AgendaPlanning2015.pdf 11/04/2014
Challenges in biomonitoring exposure to diesel exhaust Presentation Marty110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Program Update - November 2014 Presentation ProgramUpdate110614.pdf 11/04/2014
Evaluation of Activities under the CDC Cooperative Agreement 2009-2014 Presentation Arnesen110614.pdf 11/04/2014
List of Possible Agenda Topics for 2015 SGP Meetings Meeting document AgendaPlanning2015.pdf 11/03/2014
Designated chemicals that are not on the list of priority chemicals - November 2014 Meeting document ExcerptDesigList_November2014.pdf 11/03/2014
Summary of Panel Recommendations - July 2014 Meeting summary MeetingSummaryJuly2014.pdf 10/30/2014
DesignatedChemicalsList_October2014 Chemical list DesignatedChemicalList_October2014.pdf 10/22/2014
Diesel Exhaust Exposure and Biomonitoring: Selected References Document List of References_Diesel Exhaust Exposure and Biomonitoring.pdf 10/15/2014
Transcript of the July 10, 2014 Biomonitoring California Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting Transcript 07102041SGPTranscript_Final.pdf 09/09/2014
Informing Safer Consumer Products Decisions through Biomonitoring_Williams2014 Presentation MWilliams071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Program Update to the Scientific Guidance Panel- July 2014 Presentation ProgramUpdate071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Chemical Exposures from Cosmetics: A Case Study of Nail Care Products_Quach2014 Presentation Quach071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Update - July 2014 Presentation ECL_Update071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Agenda for Scientific Guidance Panel Meeting July 10, 2014 Agenda SGPAgenda071014_update.pdf 07/10/2014
Environmental Health Laboratory Update - July 2014 Presentation EHLB_Update071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Biomonitoring & Consumer Product Regulation in California_Polsky 2014 Presentation Polsky071014.pdf 07/10/2014
Summary of Panel Recommendations - March 2014 Meeting summary MeetingSummaryMarch2014.pdf 07/01/2014
Biomonitoring California Designated Chemicals List June 2014 Chemical list DesignatedChemicalsList_June2014.pdf 06/13/2014
Biomonitoring California Priority Chemicals List June 2014 Chemical list PriorityChemicalsList_June2014.pdf 06/13/2014